Scaling Brands To 7 & 8 Figures In A 3-Second World

We’re ROI Atlanta. Our Mission Is to Help Established E-commerce Brands Grow Through Modular User Generated Content & TikTok Ads Whilst Increasing Their Profit Margins.

Why TikTok?

Because Facebook sucks… Joking…(Not really).

Advertising costs on Facebook are increasing YoY and advertising inventory on Facebook isn’t. Meaning every year, millions of advertisers are jumping onto FB to acquire customers, which in turn, is increasing costs for everyone and making it increasingly difficult to stay competitive through content and conversion metrics.

A Real Blue Ocean

Think of TikTok like Facebook Ads in 2017, except with machine learning from 2022 and data and conversion processes from 2021.

With 60-70% cheaper CPM’s and great traffic quality, and users from all walks of life, ages, demographics, and technological backgrounds, coupled with the creative capabilities and the unlimited ways in which you can showcase your products – TikTok is the platform you NEED to be running ads on right now.

Why ROI Atlanta?


Have you heard of the famous saying “Create TikToks, not ads?” Well – we don’t follow that crap. 

Our creators and editors are trained to build UGC ads that take a customer from A (cold) to Z (purchasers) through our modular creative framework, which allows us to maximize the lifecycle of a creative..


Our media buyers understand creatives. Our creative coordinators and editors aren’t just creative junkies – they understand the data behind ads.

The tight communication between the media buying and creative team is one of our strengths.

The result of this? Creatives based on actual data – no guess work.


Facebook is not the same as TikTok. After spending Millions on the platform, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Our ad buying process relies heavily on solid creative testing along with data-driven analysis. Our media buyers are veterans.


We’re an official TikTok Advertising Partner Agency working with clients all around the world.

We get early access to Alpha & Beta features on the platform and have direct and dedicated support from the Tiktok Team.

So – you’re in safe hands. Goodbye Ad Bans.

What Our Clients Think?

UGC Examples

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What’s Next?


Speak to one of our growth consultants & see if our offer is right for you. We will:

  • Show your our internal systems and processes

  • Walk you through case studies

  • Recommend you strategies that will work really well for your brand


Most agencies charge an arm and a leg and then expect you to wait 6 weeks for the content to be delivered.

Our content is ready within 2-3 weeks.

We’ve built a dedicated team to ensure you have your juicy creatives delivered on time for the ad launch.


Once the creatives are produced & the ads go live you will be taken care of by our expert ad buyers, account managers & creative strategists through daily slack messages, weekly check ins in order to scale your brand seamlessly.

Let’s get moving.

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