Playbook Offer Training (do not share)

I’m giving you two videos on this page.

The first is a training where Ryan walks you through the “5 Levels Of Market Sophistication” strategy.

The second is a fundamental training portion that we give all of our newer clients. This is the first 50% of our offer regimental model, so everything beyond this video training is custom and we get into that with private clients… 

Here’s how I want YOU to use these two videos. Watch the 2nd video first, it will give you the overview and how to stand out in your marketplace. Watch the 1st video second, so you can get a feel for how to use a strategy like this regardless of what business or market you’re in. 

If you want help with this, check this page out to see some of the caliber and frequency of my past client breakthroughs, then set up a call with (me) Leku. 

Video 1: Our Playbook Funnel Strategy

Video 2: The 5 Levels Of Sophistication Training