Watch The Video Below To See How We’ve Generated Millions Of Dollars From Email Inside Our Client Accounts


Dear eCom Store Owner

If you’ve recently scaled to the $100K/month mark or already run an established DTC brand, I guarantee to add at least $10K to your business in the next 30 days (usually ALOT more) or your money back. 

How? Let me explain…

Hi, my name is Leku the founder of ROI Atlanta, we routinely add over $10 million from email every year to our client accounts, and right now we’re opening up space to help an extra 4 brands who meet the criteria below to blow up their email marketing.

You can expect to generate 15%, 20% or even 30% of your total store revenue from email.

If you’re doing over $100K/month you’re likely sitting on a pretty sizable customer list.

You know you could probably be doing more with your list but your time is focused on scaling your paid traffic, managing your team and running the day-to-day of your business.

Perhaps you already have some automations in-place for abandoned carts and you’ve tried blasting a few email campaigns to your list with mixed results.

So if you want a team of seasoned, Klaviyo experts covering copy, design, account strategy, A/B split test optimization, spam testing and reporting, to help you generate 15-30% of your revenue from email, click the button below to book your free Account Audit Call.

Who Is This For?

Unfortunately we can’t work with every eCom store that comes our way. You must meet the following criteria for our agency to consider working with your brand:

  • You must be actively generating new traffic and pulling in at least
  • $80K/month or more, we make the most impact with stores doing $500K-1M/month
  • You must have a list of at least 20K buyers
  • You must be selling a physical product
  • You must be open to using Klaviyo as your primary email software

Who’s This Not For?

  • Brand-new eCom stores with no sales and no customers
  • Anyone doing less than $80K month in sales revenue
  • Anyone selling software or digital products


Kids Playpen Brand – Over $1M from Email in 90 Days

This client has been with us close to a year and was doing around $15K/month from email using Activecampaign. We switched them over to Klaviyo and implemented a range of behaviour-based flows and campaign strategy with advanced segmentation. Over the time we’ve been working together we’ve helped them generate over $1M from email as you can see below. Taking them from 5% to 19% from email.


August 2019

June 2020

Mid April to Mid July 2020

Men’s Watch Brand – 18% of Total Revenue from Email

Client has been with us since Dec 2017. High quality men’s watch brand. The ROI on their investment with ROI Atlanta over the 12 month period below is 2423% or a 24X return.

Total revenue from email in last 12 months (Aug 2019 – July 2020)

Crystal Jewelry Brand – $676,870 from Email in the Last 12 Months

Have been with us since December 2017 and have transitioned from drop-shipping to establishing a solid brand with US fulfillment, improved customer service and product range, reflected in the email branding and overall strategy. The ROI on their investment with Email Alchemy over the 12 month period below is 1201% or a 12X return.

Total revenue from email (Aug 2019 – July 2020)

2018 vs 2019 Flow improvements

Women’s Luxury Scarf Brand – From 17% to 31% of Total Revenue from Email

This client has a super passionate and engaged list of customers with high AOV around $150-200. Email is an essential part of their strategy as you can see from their numbers below. We took them from 17% of total revenue from email in September, to an average of 31% over 90 days. The ROI on their investment with Email Alchemy over the 90-day period below is 725% or a 7X return.

The Account Before We Started

After 90 Days Working Together

Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your results are absolutely paramount so if you don’t at least make your initial investment back within the first 30 days of working together then we will refund your investment in full. Fortunately, we’ve never had a single client take us up on this.


  1. Email increases the LTV of your customer, resulting in more sales and more profit per customer so you can spend more than your competitions to acquire new customers.
  2. Email will become a solid additional revenue stream bringing in 15% to 30% extra revenue or more depending on your brand, all without any ad costs, meaning profit margins on repeat purchases through email are substantially higher.
  3. Email, when done properly, will build a better relationship with your customers, meaning more repeat purchases, more customer reviews and a stronger brand reputation.
  4. Email is the one channel you have complete control over, so if your ads account goes down or you have some issues with fulfilment, you’ll still be able to generate revenue from your list.
  5. Strong email revenue and engagement will mean a higher multiple on exit if you decide to cash out and sell your business in the future.


  • We set up an initial information gathering call to understand more about your brand and audience. It will be important to review your current email strategy, results and previous tests. We will then let you know if we can help you or not, and progress to step 2.
  • We will then send you a bespoke plan-of-action mapping out your overall strategy including the flows we’ll create and how we approach segmentation and campaign strategy. This strategy will be informed by a full account audit using our custom data dashboard.
  • Our team gets to work to write your copy, design your emails and implement new flows or split-tests into your account. Every email is set up with an A/B test so we can test different subject lines, copy angles and timing. You’ll receive a draft campaign schedule to review and approve each month.
  • Every month you’ll receive an in-depth report of your account performance. We export the raw Klaviyo data into our custom Data Dashboard to show you comparisons that you won’t find inside Klaviyo. This report will inform our strategy moving forward into the next month. Once your flow emails receive enough traffic we’ll optimise current A/B tests and create new hypotheses to see if we can get a further lift.
  • Every quarter you will have a call with one of our Account Strategists to review the previous quarters performance, look at what worked, what didn’t and identify upcoming sales events to add to your campaign schedule.


  • It’s illegal to steal your list
  • We can’t legally email your list without emailing from your store domain
  • We don’t run any of our own shopify stores
  • We’re happy to sign an NDA and non-compete for your peace of mind
We work exclusively with Klaviyo. If you’re not willing to move onto this platform, then we can’t work with you.

Your ROI on the software we recommend will make the software fee a no-brainer


If we don’t bring you more revenue than what you invest in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your investment In full.

  • We will work closely with you to nail down the language and persona needed to keep your brand integrity/continuity.
  • We will send all emails for your team to review before turning them live
  • If this is your mindset email won’t work for you.
  • We carefully segment your audience so only the active, engaged users will receive most of your emails.
  • Customers will actually LOVE seeing your emails in their inbox!