How To Avoid The Rat Race Of Building An Agency And Effortlessly Sell 3-5 Properties/Mo

Cold Calls, Cold Emails, Networking Events, and Free Trials

In This Training You’ll Discover…

  1. The 3 Buried Secrets Of REALLY Scaling Your Agency To 6-7 Figures.
  2. How To Crush Your Competitors and Become THE Sought After Agency In Your Area.
  3. My Automated ALFRED System That Brings In 5+ Pre-Qualified Home Buyers Every Week.

About Your Presenter:

Andrew Franklin, Owner of Peachtree Profits™, An Advertising Agency & Co-Founder of Broker Agent.

Peachtree Profits™ / Broker Agent is an International Consultancy & Mentorship that shortcuts the growth of other agencies and brokerages by giving them the blueprint that Andrew built out while building his own online.

Andrew is only 35 years old and he has eclipsed many people that have been in this industry for DECADES.

He believes in service above all things and has been studying marketing for over 10 years. His clients achieve world class results and he’s personally responsible for over $44,000,000 in commissions through paid media.